The Toolkit iSkills

Who We Are

The Toolkit iSkills (TTI) Ltd is a Kenya-based social enterprise founded in 2014 with the goal of disrupting youth unemployment. TTI trains vulnerable youth and women, certifies their skills with regulatory bodies, and then links them to employment or entrepreneurship.


TTI Impact in Numbers

Youth Trained & Deployed
Industry Players
Welder ASME XI Certification
Certified Scaffold Erector/Certifier


TTI channels its work through 6 Strategic Pillars:

Toolkit iSkills Testimonials



“Thanks to the training i received at The Toolkit iSkills TTI (Ltd), I am currently in Juba Sudan building small boats”

Generating a
Reliable Workforce

The Toolkit iSkills (TTI) Limited is a leading social enterprise in Kenya devoted to youth skills training and employability.



"I would like to thank Toolkit and all their staff, they have supported me through this journey, and i am now aiming to become the best woman scaffolder in Kenya.”

Toolkit iWelder


“I used to think welding was a man’s job but after joining TTI, I came to realise that  what a man can do , a lady can also do “




 Through the Toolkit training with NITA I have been able to support my family financially and uplift myself to become Africa’s youngest coating inspector!


CIFF TTI Report Skilling Youth For Employment Opportunities

TTI launched a report on ‘Skilling Youth For Employment Opportunities in Solar Energy in Kenya’ at Movenpick Hotel on 27th October 2022 at the Ashden Awards. The publishing of the report was supported by the Children Investment Fund Foundation.

The 2022 Ashden Awards: Climate Action at Work

RPL Stakeholders Forum: RPL Opportunities for Youth

Labour Market Analysis For The Environmental Technology Sector In Kenya, 2020sits @IskillsToolkit agri-tech demo farm in Kikuyu

Day 3 of the #AfricaHousingForum. Attendees very interested in the #VR training technology

Our Director Jane Muigai-Kamphuis joins Ashden Trust Board

The Toolkit iSkills (TTI) Ltd is using technology to make training more fun for welders

TTI rolled out a VR welding technology training for 32 Trainers of Trainers in Kampala