Improve your skills and advance your career with Toolkit iSkills.


The Toolkit iSkills Impact

“Before I joined Toolkit, I used to sell Swahili shoes in town, now am a scaffolder and I go up to 16 m high. I would like to thank Toolkit and all their staff, they have brought me from far I am now aiming to become the best woman scaffolder in Kenya.”

Martha Mwaighacho Toolkit iScaffolder

“After joining Toolkit, I underwent life skills training and career mentorship which helped build my self-esteem and I realized the benefits of specializing in a particular trade. I am now a tiling and paint decorator specialist and I have more clients and am able to pay my rent easily which was a big challenge before. Not only that, but I have also sent my daughter to school and I pay her school fees and I am so proud of that.”

Robert Ndung’u Toolkit iTiler

“I used to think welding was a man’s job but after joining TTI, I came to realise that  what a man can do , a lady can also do “

Mtoli Delphina Toolkit iWelder