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Every year 800,000 young Kenyans enter the job market and struggle to find decent jobs. Kenya is not unique in this regard; it is a challenge as labor markets turn increasingly digital, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for computer and web-based services is high. Employers across the globe are in need of individuals able to provide digital services related to, for instance, data entry, writing or transcription. However, youth struggle to access these jobs because they either lack the required skill set or the required market linkage. As a result, vulnerable youth, who may be able to benefit the most from the demand for online jobs, are locked out of the market.


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Due to globalization and increased connectivity, Online Jobs are increasingly being recognized as the future of work. ​​​

The Toolkit online jobs pillar empowers women through linkage with online jobs and training opportunities.​​

Over 524 youths linked and referred to online job opportunities and trainings​

data entry, virtual assistant, transcription, writing and translation

In 2020, The Toolkit for Skills and Innovation Hub started its Online Jobs pillar with a focus on creating decent jobs for disadvantaged women and youth.  

The Toolkit Online Jobs pillar aims to increase the number of young people who can increase their income by accessing web-based jobs and online job training opportunities.​ 

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Online Job Pillar Partners

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Mobilized and recruited over 500 youths to online jobs and trainings ​
We referred 69 young women for transcription training and online job placement. The youth were trained in transcription, basic grammar, and digital skills.
The Toolkit referred 87 youths for training in data entry, virtual assistant, transcription, writing, and translation.
The Toolkit also referred 55 youths in Kenya for Data Entry Jobs.
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