Beatrice ICT
ICT Expert and Trainer

Beatrice Mutinda

Beatrice is a Technical Trainer in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from the Kenya School of TVET and a dedicated ICT Support Specialist. Recently joining the Toolkit for Skills and Innovation Hub, she aims to impart digital literacy skills to welding trainees. Her journey in technology blends technical expertise with effective communication, ensuring learners grasp complex concepts and acquire practical skills.

Driven by a desire to deepen her understanding of ICT systems, Beatrice has ventured into ICT support and computer programming. She thrives in the dynamic environment of computer troubleshooting and problem-solving, from web development to mobile app creation. Her resourcefulness and technical acumen shine through, earning her a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Beatrice embodies the Toolkit's mission of transforming lives through technology and innovation, empowering youth with the skills to succeed in the digital age.