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In 2018, Toolkit received an Innovation Grant from Habitat for Humanity. The award acknowledged and recognized TTI’s contribution to youth skills for Kenya’s construction sector. TTI applied the Award funds to development of Online Training and Deployment (OTaD) Portal. OTaD included an e-Learning Management System (LMS) and that’s how Toolkit’s training with technology - Jielimishe was born.

Jielimishe is the primary platform for Toolkit’s online youth skills training. Jielimishe interacts and links with our partner platforms.

Masua Mutua



TTI SFSP beneficiary Naomi Learning via JIELIMISHE Platform

786 vulnerable youth equipped with essential life skills

Since its inception in 2018, Toolkit iSkills Digital Skills Pillar  has:

  • Equipped over 786  vulnerable youth with essential life skills through practical and theoretical training
  • Enlisted and trained 19 industry professionals and TVET Instructors in order to upskill them in training with technology and e-learning
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TTI youth  studies online lesson on TTI Online Training Portal -JIELIMISHE  via mobile phone

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Training with Technology session with Waithaka VTC Instructors

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TTI trains 1000 youth from the 11 most marginalised counties online in Employability Skills

TTI-JIELIMISHE online learning portal: taking My Individual Potential to where the youth are.



The Toolkit iSkills Impact

“Before I joined Toolkit, I used to sell Swahili shoes in town, now am a scaffolder and I go up to 16 m high. I would like to thank Toolkit and all their staff, they have brought me from far I am now aiming to become the best woman scaffolder in Kenya.”

Martha Mwaighacho Toolkit iScaffolder

“After joining Toolkit, I underwent life skills training and career mentorship which helped build my self-esteem and I realized the benefits of specializing in a particular trade. I am now a tiling and paint decorator specialist and I have more clients and am able to pay my rent easily which was a big challenge before. Not only that, but I have also sent my daughter to school and I pay her school fees and I am so proud of that.”

Robert Ndung’u Toolkit iTiler

“I used to think welding was a man’s job but after joining TTI, I came to realise that  what a man can do , a lady can also do “

Mtoli Delphina Toolkit iWelder