Consultancy and Research

Toolkit iSkills prides itself in its ability to provide fresh and innovative approaches to meeting customer needs. By first getting to know a company, we are then able to design and provide the right solutions to match the company’s particular needs.

We offer
  • Consultancy services
  • Action-research services
  • Strategy development
  • Analysis and audit of companies labor needs

ILO internship regulations 2020:

Consultancy on the review of relevant regulations supporting workplace-based training programs in Kenya

ILO best practices 2019: Consultancy to carry out interagency research and knowledge on workplace-based training identify to international best practices applicable to skills development of vulnerable and marginalized youth in Kenya

Consultancy to design and implement employability skills  training.

Don Bosco 2018-19

2019:Consultancy to design and implement Life skills ToT training.


Development of standards and instrument for pedagogical skills upgrading for master craftsmen in Kenya on behalf of the GoK.

KAM Logo

Training needs assessment to identify technical skills gaps that manufacturers would like to access.

World Vision Logo

Consultancy to design and implement youth skills training.