OTAD: Toolkit iSkills latest Innovative Solution for Artisans and Stakeholders in Housing and Construction Industry

Toolkit iSkills OTAD latest innovation through funding support by the Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter was launched on Thursday, July 25, 2019, at NITA, Kisumu. Also present were our partners,  key stakeholders in the construction industry NCA, KETRB, DOSHS among others.

The Toolkit iSkills OTAD portal provides a one-stop-shop for artisans and aspiring artisans for companies in the housing and construction industry to outsource
expertise in technical support from Toolkit Artisans (iwelders, iplumbers, ipainters, etc.).

The Toolkit iSkills OTAD portal provides the following services:
a) A deployment service Toolkit iSKills  compliant  registered artisans

 Registration of Artisans on the OTAD portal
 Registration of Companies on the OTAD portal

b) A compliance service for Toolkit registered artisans
c) Exam booking and certification preparation service for Toolkit registered artisans

d) Training and career mentorship service for Toolkit registered artisans
e) Bridging the gap between employers and the much sought after technical experts in
lucrative industrial trades namely: Electrician, Flooring, Painter, Plumber, Scaffolder, Tiler, Welder.
The OTAD portal Learning management system provides a self-learning model for artisans and aspiring artisans  master use of the latest machines and technology in industry.