Empowering Kenyan Welding Instructors: A Journey of Excellence and Inclusion

Step by step, Kenya is igniting a welding revolution, paving the way for exceptional expertise and embracing gender diversity within the profession. The Toolkit Skills and Innovation Hub, alongside esteemed partners Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Dig in Vision ®, proudly presents the groundbreaking “Train the Trainers” program.

In a harmonious fusion of virtual reality and hands-on workshops, welding instructors from prestigious institutions such as Kenya School of TVET (KTTC), Toolkit, and Don Bosco converge to elevate their skills to European standards. This comprehensive 40-hour program offers a transformative experience, nurturing technical welding prowess and essential soft skills required for training others.

But this program transcends more than just technical mastery; it shatters gender stereotypes and illuminates the remarkable precision of female welders. By showcasing their achievements, we aim to inspire and uplift, encouraging more women to embark on welding careers. Together, we break barriers and forge a path towards greater gender diversity.

Guided by seasoned trainers, participants refine their techniques, bid farewell to and embrace international welding standards. The provision of professional instruction ensures exceptional quality and safety in every weld joint, putting Kenyan welding instructors at the forefront of excellence.

Embark on this remarkable journey with us, as we transform lives, empower communities, and bridge continents. Together, we illuminate the welding world, where skill knows no boundaries, and inclusion triumphs. Join us and be a part of this beautiful story of growth, inspiration, and endless possibilities.