Empowering Youth Through Innovation: Toolkit’s Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Empowering Youth Through Innovation: Toolkit’s Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

The Toolkit for Skills and Innovation Hub is at the vanguard of innovation and youth empowerment in a time when technical breakthroughs and an urgent demand for sustainability are the driving forces. This Kenyan-based social enterprise with a non profit arm is making waves in the fields of skills development and climate resilience thanks to its clear vision and dedication to change.

Scaling Green Jobs with Advanced Technologies

Toolkit is a digitally innovative social enterprise that is passionately focused on skilling youth and connecting them to a world of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Our comprehensive skilling approach combines life and employability skills, entrepreneurship skills, digital skills, and technical trades (VR welding organic farming, solar installation training), setting a solid foundation for the youth we empower.

Toolkit’s success is rooted in skilling technical trades such as VR welding organic farming, solar installation training that are market-driven, ensuring that young individuals are equipped with the skills needed for current and future jobs. Our approach not only addresses unemployment but also contributes to the development of a highly skilled workforce.

A Journey Towards Climate Resilience Skills

Toolkit’s commitment to youth empowerment extends beyond traditional education. Our participation in Africa Climate Week 2023 showcases our dedication to preparing young Kenyans for the challenges of a changing climate.

During this event, we exhibited real-world applications of innovative approaches that equip young Kenyans with the skills they need for climate resilience. Our high-level panels, innovative skills showcase, interactive dialogues, and exposure visits demonstrated our holistic approach to skill development.

Innovation and Technology for Inclusive Transition

A key element of The Toolkit’s work is the emphasis on inclusive and equitable transitions. At Toolkit we recognize that challenges often present opportunities, and we are determined to transform obstacles into stepping-stones for Kenyan youth. Our initiatives are not just about skills; they are about fostering collaboration and innovation for change.

Collaboration with WRI, the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum and CIFF

In a remarkable partnership, the Toolkit Skills and Innovative Hub joined forces with the World Resource Institute (WRI), the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, and the Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to showcase Kenya’s youth participation in innovative approaches geared towards climate change mitigation.

A team of delegates from different countries visited the Inaugural ACS 2023 event and were introduced to the Toolkit Skills and Innovative Hub. They experienced the Toolkit Youth Skills Bazaar, a hands-on exhibition showcasing Toolkit’s initiatives in renewable energy, Virtual Reality-based welding, and agribusiness.

The dialogue at the event aimed to provide an opportunity for different stakeholders to familiarize themselves with innovative approaches that Toolkit employs to build the skills of Kenyan youth for a just and inclusive transition. It also identified approaches and strategies for scaling at sub-national and regional levels.

Taking Root for a Greener Future: Planting 1000 Indigenous Trees in Kenya

In alignment with the Africa Climate Summit 2023 and the national presidential campaign to plant 15 billion trees across the country, The Toolkit Skills and Innovation Hub, in collaboration with WRI and Sun Africa, is eagerly preparing to plant 1000 indigenous medicinal and fruit tree seedlings.

Scaling Success for a Brighter Future

Toolkit’s impact extends beyond borders. Our presence at Startup night Berlin was a testament to our global reach and influence. Our Director/Founder Jane Muigai-Kamphuis shared valuable insights, and our team showcased how they empower youth through skills development.

As we continue to shine brilliantly on the global stage, we at The Toolkit for Skills and Innovation Hub invites everyone to join us on this motivational journey towards a more sustainable Africa.

Impact in Numbers

Ø Total Youth Impacted: 8,017

Ø Youth impacted in the Construction Sector: 4,191

Ø Youth Impacted in Digital Skills and Online Jobs: 1,945

Ø Impacted under consultancy and Research: 506

Ø Youth impacted in Organic Farming: 1,447

Join the Movement

The Toolkit for Skills and Innovation Hub is more than an organization; it’s a movement towards empowerment, sustainability, and innovation. We are dedicated to shaping a brighter future for youth, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

Join us today and be a catalyst for change. Together, we can empower the youth of Africa, drive innovation, and create a more sustainable future for all.


The Toolkit Skills & Innovation Hub,

No. 7219 Karen-Kikuyu (Southern Bypass), Kikuyu, Kenya

Mobile: +254709549200

Email: office@toolkitafrica.ac.ke

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from The Toolkit as they continue to empower youth and drive positive change through innovation and technology.

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