Exciting Announcement: Kenyan Welding Instructors Upskilled to EU Standards

The Toolkit Skills and Innovation Hub proudly spearheads the advancement of Kenyan Welding Instructors to meet European Standards. In collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH ) and DigInVision, a leading technology company from Poland, Toolkit has introduced an innovative program to elevate the expertise of these instructors.

This comprehensive program includes intensive sessions on Virtual Reality and hands-on Welding Workshops. Drawing instructors from esteemed institutions like the Kenya School of TVET (KTTC), Toolkit, and Don Bosco, the initiative aims to enhance their skills and align them with the highest international standards.

At Toolkit, we are thrilled to contribute to the professional development of Welding Instructors in Kenya, fostering excellence and ensuring their proficiency matches global benchmarks. #innovation#technology#collaboration#development