Introducing Virtual Reality (VR) welding technology in Uganda!

The Toolkit iSkillls Ltd (TTI) is in Uganda! TTI rolled out a VR welding technology training for 32 Trainers of Trainers in Kampala. VR technology is disrupting conventional welding training by minimizing on costs of raw materials, promoting occupational health safety, significantly reducing training duration, enhancing youth employability across Africa.

TTI is working in partnership with The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) Uganda and Dig in Vision to train technical instructors on VR welding technology. The VR technology is manufactured by Polland based company, Dig in Vision. The Toolkit iSkills’s trains vulnerable youth and women, certifies their skills with regulatory bodies, and then links them to employment or entrepreneurship. TTI focuses on 5 main pillars: Construction, Organic Farming, Digital skills, Renewable energy, and Online jobs training.