Skilling Africa’s Youth for Sustainable Climate Solutions

Reflecting on an incredible event we had at the Toolkit Skills and Innovation Hub in Kikuyu, where we gathered to address the urgent need for “Skilling Africa’s Youth for Sustainable Climate Solutions.” “The Toolkit model is a game changer, ” says Wanjira Mathai, recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders by Times Magazine 2023.

 “From climate smart agriculture, renewable energy/solar, digital skills, to welding with Virtual Reality, Toolkit is truly transforming youth through skills.” Ms Mathai was accompanied by the CEO of Wangari Mathai Foundation, Ms Njeri Kabeberi The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants were truly inspiring!

We engaged in thought-provoking discussions, shared innovative ideas, and explored practical ways to combat climate change. The event showcased the immense potential of Africa’s youth in driving sustainable change. We learned about renewable energy solutions, sustainable agriculture practices, and the importance of conservation efforts. In the same breath, we emphasized the role of education, mentorship, and collaboration in empowering youths to become climate leaders.

 It’s evident that our youth possess the passion, creativity, and determination needed to create a greener, more sustainable future. Let’s continue to build upon the momentum generated, as we work together to forge a brighter, more sustainable Africa.