SSE, inclusive business, social business: what alliances can build tomorrow’s economy?Pact for Impact Summit, Paris 2019

The multiple social, ecological and demographical challenges we are currently undergoing are urging us to find innovative and adequate answers, in order to overtake the traditional cleavages between the social, private and public sector. More than ever before, the various actors must come up with new forms of collaboration, and build what makes them stronger together, rather than highlighting their differences.

By creating a real space for discussion amongst all actors, putting aside all existing prejudices, and fostering a cross-sectoral collaboration, notably by highlighting the public sector’s role as a core driver of alliances, it will be possible to create innovative models, relying on the strengths of each stakeholder. Such exchanges are an ideal opportunity to build the core foundations of a performant, strong and sustainable economy for all. Co-organizers : AshokaLe French Impact Moderator(s) :Mourot Arnaud Speakers :Saddier JérômeGoujon StephanieLalu Delphine Muigai-Kamphuis Jane ( Director Toolkit iSkills ) • Sire AntoineRavichandran Natarajan Djordjevic Zoran